So you're looking for employment.

Welcome to ITL Recruitment Ireland.

We are here to help match you with a prospective employee. However, before we do that, take a few minutes to read through a few of the tips laid out here. You might know them already, but who knows, that one piece of advice you’ve never noticed before might just be the key to standing out in the eyes of a prospective employer.


Read the Job Advertisement Carefully

This may seem like a painfully obvious point of fact to most candidates, and yet, you may be surprised to learn how little this lesson is followed. Candidates for positions may read the advertisement but submitted cover letters and CVs may not reflect this change.

It is important that you carefully adapt your Résumé to the specifications laid out in the job description in order to show employers that you have the skills necessary to complete the work.

Whether he’s applying for the position the old fashioned paper route, or via online application forms, the successful candidate will reflect his apparent suitability for the exact position directly in his submission. This is how you get selected for an interview and miss the dreaded “delete” button.


Don't Merely Display Your "Hard Skills"

A university education, or hard work may have given a candidate the necessary motor skills for a position, but that’s not all that’s necessary to function effectively in today’s work environment.

You need what work people term, “soft skills.” These are the qualities  of communication, team-work, and leadership which are so often underrated and yet so essential to the health of the workplace. When compiling your application materials, don’t hide your soft skills.

Did you take a communications course in college? Have you been through leadership training? What’s your management experience? These are the kind of skills which will help put your application at the top of the stack.

Aside from these two points, make sure that you give each application the proper thought and care. When preparing your Résumé or CV, sit down with the job description and compile a list of skills and/or experience which you possess that match the  requirements of the position you’re applying for.

Remember, hiring managers sort through dozens of applications a day, and a lot of them have been slapped together with very little care. By putting thought into yours, you’re already head and shoulders above the rest.